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Let's Cross the Country -- from Home -- in April!

In the midst of this time of isolation and closings, let’s respond like the Bike Adventure family always does: by working together, getting active, and helping to provide homes! All cyclists, spinners, walkers, and joggers are invited to join our new free, interactive challenge of journeying across the country virtually. You can even win a prize.

We’ll follow four of our favorite routes to criss-cross the country: Florida to Florence (’20), West Coast (’20), California to Maine (’15), and East Coast (’17). That requires logging 11,250 miles, and we’ve set a fundraising goal of $30,000. Will you help us get there?

How You Can Join

Create or login to your free RidewithGPS account and join our organization goal of 11,250 miles of training logged using the button above. This may be cycling, spinning, walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, or other active mileage.

Create and personalize your fundraising page and share the link with potential donors. Use the button above and then click ‘Create my own fundraising page!’ to submit your name and email address to begin. (Our registered riders should skip this step and use their MyFCBA pages.)

To connect with others, you may also join our Facebook group for 2020 ride participants.

Whether completing miles outside or within your home on a stationary bike or treadmill, participants must join our RidewithGPS goal, and log their miles daily in RidewithGPS to be counted — either by recording miles with the RidewithGPS app or logging them manually.

At this unprecedented time of social distancing, cancelling events and working together to #flattenthecurve as recommended by the CDC, it can be hard to follow that other familiar recommendation of the CDC: to maintain physical activity, which the CDC says can help you deal with anxiety and stress during the Covid-19 outbreak.

At The Fuller Center for Housing, we also remain mindful of how this outbreak highlights the need for our work. Spending more time trapped at home increases exposure to infectious diseases for kids who live in inadequate housing such as damp, cold and moldy environments. Globally, houses of mud walls and floors combined with poor sanitation create an environment for life-threatening diseases like Chagas, severe diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and malaria. Diarrhea alone claims the lives of more than 500,000 people every year (Source: WHO). Our work seeks to address these issues. 

As many of us suddenly feel vulnerable to a serious infectious disease for the first time and isolated at home, what better way to respond than by joining a community through which to stay active and address one of the largest causes of endemic diseases around the world: poor shelter.

Health professionals have stated that cycling outdoors during coronavirus can be done safely. And here is a collection of resources for safe outdoor activity during the pandemic.

Local guidelines are continuously changing, and we ask that you follow the recommendations or requirements in your community. Of course, a home stationary bike, bike on a trainer, or treadmill should always remain an option.

Participants are encouraged to set a mileage and dollar goal, and to invite supporters to contribute towards your efforts by sharing the link of your online fundraising page. For example, you might set a goal of riding 100 miles in April and raising $5 per mile. 

As you progress towards your riding and fundraising goals, you can send emails or post pictures on social media to keep your friends informed of your progress, as well as how they can donate or join the challenge.

Our registered riders for our events can use their MyFCBA pages. 

Yes. Riders registered for our 2020 Florida to Florence, West Coast, Natchez Trace and Tour de Florida rides will continue using your existing MyFCBA fundraising pages. You may also win bonuses.

To qualify for awards and Race to the Top, participants must have completed Step 2: Setting Up Your Fundraising Page or already have one through MyFCBA (our registered riders).

Virtual-only participants who raise $500 or more will have the option to receive either a $50 registration discount code to a 2020 or 2021 ride, or an FCBA jersey!

Our registered riders can earn fundraising bonuses in two ways: (A) earn the Outstanding Participant Award by completing the steps below and (B) earn a Top Finisher Award by scoring in the top five for most points earned.

(A) Three steps to earning the Outstanding Participant Award’s $50 fundraising bonus:

  1. Log a minimum of 50 miles within the month of April in our RidewithGPS goal.
  2. Post a photo/video on Facebook or Instagram riding with the hashtag #fcbactive and tag @Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.
  3. Raise at least $250 in the month of April

And if we reach both team goals of 11,250 miles and $30,000, every Outstanding Participant Award bonus DOUBLES to $100!

(B) For the joy of victory and for fundraising bonuses, we’ll keep score and host an April competition where you can win a Top Finisher Award. 

  • Earn five points per mile logged
  • Earn one point per dollar raised
  • Earn bonus points each time you hit a fundraising target — see the “Scoring Guide” on the Scoreboard for points and targets
Top Finisher Awards for registered riders are fundraising bonuses as follows:

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $350
3rd Place – $250
4th Place – $100
5th Place – $50

To qualify for a Top Finisher Award, the participant must have also raised at least $100 for the Fuller Center in April.

Ultimately it’s the funds raised that change the lives of families so we hope everyone will fundraise, but there’s no minimum requirement. Come join us!

Gladly! Make checks out to “The Fuller Center for Housing” with “Home Challenge – [participant name]” on the memo line and mail to:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Attn: Home Challenge
PO Box 523
Americus, GA 31709

All funds raised will be used to support The Fuller Center for Housing, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. The Fuller Center is active in 70 U.S. communities and 19 other countries.

A Fuller Center home is not a hand out, but a hand up. By working alongside volunteers and repaying construction costs on no-profit, no-interest terms they can afford, homeowners retain a sense of basic human dignity. Decent shelter has been shown to promote positive outcomes in health, education, income, self-worth, family strength and community health. 

The Fuller Center has been evaluated by the top charity watchdogs and received highest ratings. Learn more.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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