Home Team

Home Team

Join the movement to end poverty housing
virtually, right from your home area.

Cycle, Walk, Run and More

However you make yourself go, you can make a difference.

virtual activities
1. Track Your Activities

Submit your miles and volunteer hours, which will appear on your fundraising page to show others what you’ve done.

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2. Raise Funds

Share your personal fundraising page and participate in fun contests in March and May. 

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3. Change Lives

Your efforts enable a real family to go from living in a shack to a healthy, decent home.

What Difference Can I Make?
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Large box of nails to hold the home together


5 gallons of paint to make the home beautiful


The front door to welcome the family and their guests


The bathroom to make the home healthy and sanitary


Sturdy blocks and rebar for strong and critter-free walls.


A new roof to protect the family's home for decades


Allows a family around the world to live in a healthy, decent home for the first time.

Generational-level change.


Community-Level Transformation

Beyond Charity


Our homeowner families are full partners in the construction process, providing “sweat equity” and paying it forward with a no-profit, no-interest loan.

And Empowering Global Partners
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Local Initiative

We only go where we're invited, fueling local initiative rather than undercutting it with our own.

Local Suppliers

Materials are sourced nearby, benefiting the local supply chain and supporting jobs.

Local Builders

Hired local masons and other craftsmen join volunteers to construct the homes, providing vital jobs in struggling economies.
Let's Get Moving
Sponsor a Door, a Home, or
an Entire Community!

Sponsor a Door, a Home, or an Entire Community!

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