Host Feedback Survey


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Please rate these statements on a scale of 1 to 5 (excellent = 5 stars) to give us an idea of how well we achieved our goals as guests, and leave any comments in the text boxes below the scales.
The planning for the Bike Adventure's stay was courteous and informative, giving me an accurate idea of what to expect from hosting the group.*
The Bike Adventure point of contact reached out to me a few days before their arrival, allowing me to be better prepared for hosting them.*
The Bike Adventure point of contact was easy to work with, and made sure the group respected our wishes during the stay.*
The Bike Adventure participants were great guests.*
The presentation by the Trip Leader and Riders gave us a great understanding and appreciation of their mission.
The Bike Adventure group left my facility better than they found it.*
Would you host the Bike Adventure again?
Any suggestions on how we can be better guests in the future?