Miles and Smiles

Miles and Smiles
April 15 - May 15, 2023
Log Miles. Change Lives. Win!
Beautiful weather is here and it’s time to turn those training miles into smiles for families!
Work together to meet combined mileage and fundraising goals, and compete to win weekly and overall competitions.
Team Goals
0 Miles
Circumnavigate the earth's land miles!
$ 0
Circumnavigate - May Miles and Smiles (4)
Reach Top 2 All-Time for May / Miles and Smiles
Team Totals

FAQs for May Miles and Smiles

After registering, everyone has a personal fundraising page on our MyFCBA platform. Funds must be raised through MyFCBA or sent here by check (instructions here) within the specified dates to count towards the contest.

Yes, funds raised through your MyFCBA pages will count towards 2023 Bike Adventure requirements. 

We recommend just submitting each activity as you complete it. Mileage must be submitted with the correct date of completion on the form, so miles from different days should not be combined.

You may also submit your daily mileage from your step count. 

This program is based around collecting miles, so you may count other aerobic activities if you have a way to convert them to miles, such as through using your step count.

You may use tools like those to help measure and record your miles, but they will not be counted unless you submit them through this form.

Nope. If you’re signed up for a 2023 ride, you’re automatically enrolled — just use your MyFCBA fundraising page that you already have for your ride. One of the purposes of the event is to help you raise the funds you need for your goal!

What Difference Can I Make?
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Large box of nails to hold the home together


5 gallons of paint to make the home beautiful


The front door to welcome the family and their guests


The bathroom to make the home healthy and sanitary


Sturdy blocks and rebar for strong and critter-free walls.


A new roof to protect the family's home for decades


Allows a family around the world to live in a healthy, decent home for the first time.

Generational-level change.


Community-Level Transformation