Share the Adventure!

So you’ve finished the adventure and want to share the story? That’s awesome! We’d love to help you do it. Not only will your friends, family, and donors appreciate hearing your stories from the road, but you never know who you might inspire to take their own adventure next summer.

Below are a few resources that might help you as you’re thinking about how to share your adventure. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if there’s any way we can help (!

Where to share

Besides the obvious sharing you’ll do with friends and family, here are some ideas for where other riders have shared in the past:

  • At your church! During the service, during Sunday School, at a special event, etc.
  • At your school rec center, local gym, etc. offer to give a talk on what it’s like to bike across the country.
  • At a cycling club meeting or local bike shop.
  • At work invite co-workers during lunch to see some of your photos from the journey.
  • Schedule an event at a coffee shop, restaurant, library, park, etc.  Invite your friends and family, and open it up to the community as well!
  • Write a Letter to the Editor at your local paper–they’re usually very open to publishing them!  Here’s a template to get your started: FCBA Letter to the Editor.

Photos & Videos

You should feel free to use and share all of the photos and videos from the summer!

Sample Presentation

Your presentation will be most effective if it’s made up of the stories you love and remember best from the journey.  However, in case it’s helpful we thought we’d share the power point presentation that Melissa used to share with her church after the 2014 ride.