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Kert Emperado
Kert EmperadoFCBA Rider Since 2013
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I've participated the last [six] years and will continue to join every year! I recommend this trip for anyone who wants to participate, whether as a cyclist, a supporter, a contributor, host...

It's a tour of tours; biking tour across the beautiful USA; eating tour, of the many local food, and dishes the church hosts prepare; spiritual tour of morning devotions/prayers/church attendance; educational tour of community living, bike mechanics, self discovery; mission tour to end poverty housing and to actually build during the trip; physical fitness tour of daily intense exercise; adventure tour of random, spontaneous happenings; Giving and receiving tour in more ways than I can write...

It's a life changing experience, and the friends you create become life long family who will support you, long after the trip has ended.
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer WellsFCBA Rider Since 2014
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I didn't think that I would miss the early morning hustle and bustle, but I found myself thinking about it and realized how much team cooperation there was to get things together so we could all get back on the road again. What a surprise! I so wish I was still with everyone.
David Peterson
David PetersonFCBA Intern, 2015
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This has been the most amazing summer. I can't express how much each and every one of you has touched my life. This experience will live on with me forever and I hope that each of you wiil find success and happiness. Until next time! Oyee!
Marie Tanner
Marie TannerFCBA Rider Since 2018
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I learned about the Fuller Center through a friend who shared her passion for the ministry with me. After hearing about her experience with the bike adventure and the amazing work the Fuller Center does, I knew I had to sign up!

I was pretty clueless on how to ride a bike on my first bike adventure. It was maybe four months before the ride that I was comfortable stopping on a bike. I had no idea how to use gears and the list goes on. On our first day Alice (a fellow rider) rode beside me and told me she wanted to help me succeed. That was the start of many life changing moments that followed my first FCBA bike ride. I was moved by how willing everyone was to help each other and how each person had a heart to serve. It wasn't just a bike ride, it was a family. A place where no matter how long they knew you, you were welcomed with open arms.

I quickly learned that there was a greater purpose with the bike ride, and it came through making this world a better place one act of kindness, word of encouragement, or step of action at a time.

I was moved by being part of a build day and seeing faces light up when we came alongside those around us who needed help making their house a home.

If you are looking for a life changing experience and a way to help those in need of housing I highly recommend the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.
Scott Baker
Scott BakerFCBA Rider Since 2017
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I like to ride. I was looking for a challenge and found it with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. But I found so much more. This is an amazing organization doing wonderful things for for the poor in America and abroad. It is very rewarding when you help people that need help. I am constantly amazed at how we are treated by the churches we sleep in and the folks we help.

It is not always easy, of course it's not. We have hot days, cold days, rainy days and days that offer head winds. Suck it up buttercup. We also have amazing days of riding you will never forget. But the best part hands down are the crazy cyclist who will join you on this ride. They care. They care about Fuller's mission, they care about the folks they are helping along the way, they care about the folks that made donations and most importantly, they care about you.

Don't miss an opportunity to take the challenge, everyone makes it because it's not the most physically fit, it's your heart and mind that gets you through the hard days.

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