Silver Comet Evaluation


Name: (Optional)
How did you participate in this year's Silver Comet?
Pre-Ride Communications

How well did the Trip Leader's pre-ride communications prepare you for joining the Bike Adventure?
What additional information would have been helpful to have before departing for the ride?
Ride Structure

Did the lack of scheduled group activities on Friday night contribute positively or negatively to your Silver Comet experience?
Did our Saturday Circle-Up effectively prepare you for the Bike Adventure and acquaint you with the Fuller Center? Would you add any information to the pre-ride communications?
Please comment on how the Sunday morning reflection added to your ride experience, and suggestions for future circle-ups:
Please provide suggestions for improving the Silver Comet's schedule or execution:
Ride Experience

What was the high point of your time with the trip and why?
What was the low point or what did you find most challenging and why?
Did the riders forge a cohesive team mentality?
Did you gain an understanding / appreciation of the Fuller Center's work / mission?
Do you think the Bike Adventure fostered a faith-based and inclusive environment?
Does this ride motivate you to participate in our longer Bike Adventures (i.e. Spring and/or Summer Rides)?
Would you participate in a Silver Comet Ride again?
Please describe your Trip Leader's impact on the ride experience, and offer suggestions for improvement in 2017:
Additional Thoughts

Please select Fuller Center experiences that you would like to receive more information about:
Do you have any suggestions for future FCBA routes?
Anything else you'd like to add?