Silver Comet

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Silver Comet

Friday, September 6th - Saturday, September 14th, 2024

Silver Comet Bicycle Ride Map for the Fuller Center
Silver Comet

Friday, Sept. 6 - Saturday, Sept. 14, 2024

The Silver Comet trail is one of the longest, most pleasant paved trails in the country, especially when adding in the Chief Ladiga Trail into Alabama. Even better, by adding in shorter trails like the Big Creek Greenway, we will have a weeklong route that should be on about 85% trails!

For years we did a part of the Silver Comet as a gorgeous weekend ride with camping, but this new weeklong event will utilize indoor sleeping in churches and community centers, and now includes more bike paths, more builds, and more fun.  Experience northern Georgia while creating an opportunity to serve those in need of a decent place in which to live. 

It has all the components of a perfect Fuller Center ride…great routes, great church hosts, and 1 great build day!  

You will start and return at the same place, so you’ll see the trails from both directions, and the logistics for those driving will be made easy as they can leave their vehicles near the start.

What to expect on the Silver Comet:

  • 7 days of riding, typically 30-60 miles per day
  • One Build Day
  • 80 – 85% paved bicycle trails along the way
Fuller Center volunteers cycling on the Silver Comet Trail

A Beautiful Fall Ride on Trails

When you want to go out and enjoy a ride, what do you want?  Is it paved roads, tree lined paths, out in nature?  Those are some of the many aspects of Silver Comet that make this event so appealing.    

The trails are off limits to cars, giving you an opportunity to more easily talk with other riders as you enjoy your surroundings rather than focus on the cars around you.  

Many riders come to our events for the riding itself, yet quickly realize how much bigger these events are than the cycling itself as they experience the build days and the community. Join us to learn why.  

There is a lot to love on the Bike Adventure’s Silver Comet!


7 Days of riding and 1 day serving a community

What will be your favorite location to ride this fall?

Click below to view the details and day-by-day schedules.

This ride begins with arrival in the afternoon of Friday, September 6th in Smyrna, GA and ends on Saturday September 14th, in Smyrna, GA. 

Experience the Silver Comet, Chief Ladiga, and Big Creek Greenway on an adventure that offers both riding and a chance to serve.  A chance to work on the heart with both exercise and compassion.      

This ride is shorter than our average rides but many of our riders have grown to love the shorter events as a way to  have more time to explore and connect.  

A shuttle will be provided to and from the Atlanta airport, but you can also park at the start.  We will be returning to that location so there is no need for complicated logistics.  

Arrival:  (ATL) Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport-

Pickup shuttle departs the airport at 4:00pm on September 6th, 2024. Those arriving later can take the MARTA (train) Metro Gold Line to Smyrna for pickup from the train station.

Departure:  (ATL) Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

If you fly out, plan your departure after 6pm on September 14, 2024

What's Included

Our amazing hosts, volunteers and riders often go far above and beyond this list. We invite you to come ready to be amazed by the generosity of others — and open to the nudges of the Spirit on how you, too, can be a blessing. 

“This sounds great, can we talk before I join?”

“Tell me more about what to expect on this adventure” 

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!