Summer Ride: Join for a Day

Dan Hepp
Are we riding in an area near you? If you can’t get away to join us for a segment or the whole way, you can still get a taste of the action for a day. But be careful: once you get a taste, you just might find yourself hooked! Riders who join for a day will typically meet the team for breakfast at the place where we’re staying, and then they will arrange for a ride back that same night from the endpoint either before or after dinner. During the day’s ride itself, you’ll be one of the team! Many one-day riders choose to come as a group, such as their church, a cycling club, a university, or just a bunch of friends. Group rides add to the fun and excitement and make the day more memorable. Since this is a fundraising ride, one-day riders also help towards the fundraising goal. Although many riders will far exceed the minimum, we ask each rider to raise at least $50 for the Fuller Center’s work.

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