The Routes

Summer 2018: Ocean Beach to Ocean City and Astoria to Portland! 

There is nothing quite like the challenge and adventure of traversing through this beautiful country by bike! This summer we are offering 20 Segments of riding via two consecutive coast-to-coast rides.

Combined, the summer routes will cycle in 25 different states, and build with 12 different Covenant Partners. Each ride will be ten weeks long and travel west to east. While the routes are separate, they will intersect in a grand reunion, sharing a build day weekend Aurora, OH at the end of Segment 8.

Many options to join in!

Join us for the whole summer, or customize a route by hand-picking the segments you would like to join. Ocean to Ocean is open for whole way registrations, and segment riders are welcome to join for any number of individual segments along both of our routes. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a great time spent taking in nature, meeting new friends, and helping to end poverty housing! Check out the full details on each route.

Choose a route to learn more:

Ocean to Ocean
(Ocean Beach, CA to Ocean City, NJ)

Our Ocean to Ocean route is reminiscent of our hugely popular route in 2015. We will visit the Grand Canyon, get a taste of the Rocky Mountains and cross the plains of Kansas before starting a build-day-packed second half of the trip. Dip your tires in the ocean on both coasts to truly complete your coast-to-coast journey!


Port to Port
(Astoria, OR to Portland, ME)

The Port to Port route across the northern tier offers an incredible amount of scenic variety and open spaces. The higher latitudes offer retreat from the heat of the summer, and views of wide open spaces. When we cycle through North Dakota, the Bike Adventure will officially have ridden in all of the lower 48 states! Its name was chosen because of its start in the port city of Astoria, Oregon, the early pass through Portland, Oregon, and its completion in Portland, Maine.