The Routes

Summer 2019: Seattle to D.C. and Parks & Peaks! 

There is nothing quite like the challenge and adventure of traversing through this beautiful country by bike! This summer we are offering another wonderful cross-country route, and also trying something new…a loop around the western US.  Combined, the summer routes will cycle in 19 states and D.C., and build with 8 different Covenant Partners.

Many options to join in!

Join us for the whole summer, or customize a route by hand-picking the segments you would like to join. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a great time spent taking in nature, meeting new friends, and helping to end poverty housing! Check out the full details on each route.

Choose a route to learn more:

Seattle to D.C.
(Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C.)

Ride through the beautiful cascade mountains and wheat-cover plains of Washington. Visit Yellowstone National Park and continue south past the Grand Tetons to Salt Lake City. Cross the Rockies at Rabbit Ears Pass and enjoy southern Wyoming at the perfect time of year. Cross Nebraska and Iowa with their long straightaways and great hospitality. As usual, there are plenty of great Fuller Center Covenant Partners to visit in the Mid-West, like Peoria, Indianapolis, and Springfield, OH. Cross the Appalachian Mountains in the Virginia’s for one last challenge before the victory ride into the nation’s capitol!


Parks & Peaks
(11 week loop starting/ending in Portland, OR)For the first time in FCBA history, we will start and end a summer ride in the same city. While we do not cross the country during this route, we see more than our fair share of wondrous sights on Parks & Peaks. Designed as a ride to visit the nation’s most popular natural wonders, this 11 week loop climbs around the most dramatic scenery in the United States! Join us for the whole loop, or for the parks and peaks that you are most intrigued by! Make sure to ride through one of our Fuller Center Covenant Partners with us to take part in the extended build events.