2017 Cross Country Ride

Cross-Country Ride: San Francisco, CA to Savannah, GA



Visit 12 states and take in all the diverse scenery that the American landscape has to offer on the cross-country ride! After dipping our back wheel in the Pacific, we’ll hop on the Golden Gate Bridge and head east from San Francisco and Napa Valley toward the rugged Sierra Nevadas. Views of Lake Tahoe and the Great Salt Lake will keep us refreshed through the high desert of the West, and we’ll breathe fresh Rocky Mountain air at the top of Fremont Pass in Colorado (elevation: 11,318 feet). Things flatten out after Santa Fe, as we follow the Old Route 66 across New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. The summer heats up in the Deep South, with plenty of country roads, build days, and even some home cooking as FCBA visits the home of the Fuller Center in Americus, Georgia. When we reach our finish line on the Atlantic coast near historic Savannah, we’ll have ridden 3600 miles from sea to shining sea! Check out more details on each segment below.

Cross-Country Day to Day Schedule

Segment 1: San Francisco, CA to Fernley, NV (June 2- June 11)

Segment 2: Fernley, NV to Salt Lake City, UT (June 11- June 19)

Segment 3: Salt Lake City, UT to Craig, CO (June 19- June 25)

Segment 4: Craig, CO to Santa Fe, NM (June 25- July 2)

Segment 5: Santa Fe, NM to Lawton, OK (July 2- July 9)

Segment 6: Lawton, OK to Shreveport, LA (July 9- July 16)

Segment 7: Shreveport, LA to Jackson, MS (July 16- July 23)

Segment 8: Jackson, MS to Americus, GA (July 23- July 30)

Segment 9: Americus, GA to Savannah, GA (July 30- August 6)