West Coast Ride

Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA

Kicking off the summer on June 2, our West Coast ride promises beautiful evergreens, barking sea lions, towering redwood trees, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean meeting the rugged coast. Our journey starts in Seattle and heads south through Coos Bay in Oregon, Redwoods State Park in California, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and ending with Builds near San Diego, CA. Mountainous coastlines offer about 50,000+ feet of climbing over the four weeks as we work our way through some of the country’s most beautiful scenery! Check out more details on each segment below.

West Coast Day to Day

Segment 1: Seattle, WA to North Bend, OR

Segment 2: North Bend, OR to San Francisco, CA

Segment 3: San Francisco, CA to Santa Barbara, CA

Segment 4: Santa Barbara, CA to San Diego, CA