East Coast Segment 3

Raleigh, NC to Savannah, GA


Segment 3 places us squarely down in the good ol’ South. We will spend the week traversing through the Carolina’s before ending in the beautiful Savannah, GA.

Day 1 of Segment 3 leads us out of Raleigh and into Sounthern Pines, NC. This southern depot town is hometown of John Frank Stevens, the discoverer of Stevens Pass. There will not be as dramatic mountains as on the real Stevens Pass, but we will pass through Stevens town on the way to Darlington, SC.

Another 50 miles will take us into none other than the historic Charleston, SC. Visit Rainbow Row, the historic marketplace, Fort Sumter, and more. This is not a city you want to miss!

Charleston leads us to Walterboro, SC, and offers the opportunity to check out the the official folk art and craft hub of The South Carolina Artisan Center.

From Walterboro, Savannah is a healthy 76 miles away as we wrap up Segment 3 in a historic town full of beautiful Spanish moss, horse-drawn carriages, and well-kept city parks. Savannah is also where we will get to meet the cross-country riders for their celebratory dinner as they wrap up their summer adventure and we prepare for our last two weeks!

Build Days: 0 Bike Days: 6 Total Miles: 389 Average: 64

DateDepart Arrive Mileage
July 30Raleigh, NCOff Day
July 31Raleigh, NCSouthern Pines, NC75
August 1Southerc Pines, NCDarlington, SC77
August 2Darlington, SCSt. Stephen, SC73
August 3St. Stephen, SCCharleston, SC50
August 4Charleston, SCWalterboro, SC51
August 5Walterboro, SCSavannah, GA76
August 6Savannah, GAOff Day

(Note: This mileage is an estimate and could change depending on church host locations, and the major cities are listed although we may stay in a suburb.)

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