Ocean to Ocean Segment 1

There’s a reason we can’t seem to stay away from California- it is stunningly beautiful!

We will begin this cross-country ride in Ocean Beach, CA, surrounded by beautiful California sands and blue ocean waves. A rear-wheel dip in the ocean will be the ceremonial start of the ride as we bid farewell to the Pacific with our sights set on the Atlantic!

We’ll head eastward from Ocean Beach, which is part of San Diego, hitting the southern California towns of Chula Vista, Campo, and El Centro as we skirt near the Mexican border before crossing our first state line into Arizona. The Arizona heat will welcome us as we cycle through the beautiful desert- and stock up on ice for our water bottles!

Our first segment will draw to a close in Phoenix, AZ, where we will rest for a day before continuing our journey on segment 2.




Build Days: 0 Bike Days: 7 Total Miles: 400 Average: 57

(Note: This mileage is an estimate and could change depending on church host locations.)

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