Ocean to Ocean Segment 3

As our time spent in Arizona winds down, we will take advantage of our last few days spent in the state, inHolbrook and Chambers, both small towns situated on Route 66. We will spend a few days in low gears as we climb up out of Arizona and into our third state: New Mexico! Entering the Land of Enchantment, our first stay will be in Gallup, a small town with lots of personality.

From Gallup, we will head eastward into the rolling hills of the southwest as we head into the heart of the state. Nights spent in Grants, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe round out this week in the two biggest cities of New Mexico, decorated with beautiful architecture and the unique culture of the southwest. We will end the week with an off day spent in Santa Fe, known for its distinct pueblo architecture.

Build Days: 0 Bike Days: 6 Total Miles: 450 Average: 75

(Note: This mileage is an estimate and could change depending on church host locations, and the major cities are listed although we may stay in a suburb.)