I’m sure you’re thinking about how you’ll get to and from the start of your ride!  We’ve tried to compile all the details you should need here.  Look for the cities where you’ll be joining or departing in this list, and as we continue finalizing plans for the ride we’ll post all the updates here.

The Basics:

  • Share your travel plans with the trip leader as soon as you’re able: Summer Ride Transportation Form
  • If you have any questions, be sure to ask the trip leader before you book travel!
  • We can make arrangements to pick you up or drop you off at the local transportation centers near the host church location (bus station, train station, airport, rental car companies, etc.).  Check the list below for specific stations or airports.
  • Click here for tips on traveling with your bike.  If you’re going to be traveling with your bike in a box, plan on getting a cardboard bike box from a bike shop that you can throw away when you arrive, and we’ll help you get another one to use at the end of your trek!

When to Arrive: Whole Way and Segment 1 riders are expected to arrive in respective start cities for Orientation at 6:00 PM on the listed dates. All segment riders should arrive on the off-days that begin each segment, usually Sundays.

When to Depart: Anytime on the Departure Days detailed on the Day to Day Schedules, usually Sundays.

Shipping or flying with your bike: We will work with a local bike shop to get cardboard bike boxes for everyone who needs them. As we confirm the churches for our Orientations, we will update riders on the closest FedEx facility that handles bike shipments.

Transportation Options:

  • Carpool: Check out the Meet the Riders page to see where your fellow adventurers are traveling from to see if you can share transportation.
  • Ride in the Fuller Center Van:  Check in with your Trip Leader about where the Fuller Center Van and Trailer will be going after the ride…it might be right through your hometown!
  • Bus/Train: Each route will have shuttles to and from local transportation hubs. Let your Trip Leader know your travel plans before you book them in order to guarantee they align with shuttles.
  • Fly: Fuller Center Vans will make trips between local airports and the Church Hosts at the beginning and end of Segments, contact your Trip Leader to discuss flight scheduling.