Making the most of it!

Written by: Rose Uscianowski

There’s a certain hubris of youth that causes you to continuously convince yourself that your body is invisible. It can challenge you to swear off the comforts that others swear by just to prove that you can take it and that your body is stronger than the elements.

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Seeing God’s creation

Written by: Russ Schulz

I am not fond of writing, so I will ramble on with thoughts.

The last two days of gorgeous Colorado, with mountains, trees, snow and clouds, have been beautiful and inspiring. As I rode and got tired and worn out, I thought about how awesome God made our bodies. We push and punish ourselves, and the next day we mostly recover and go again.

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Written by: Lori Haubrick

So, here we are—Day 4 and I am beyond blessed at having become part of God’s story through the West Coast Bike Adventure! The people that I’m grateful to spend this time with are a diverse group indeed. All ages, all levels of riding, all at different places in their journeys, all uniquely gifted by God, and all absolutely special. It’s been a great week of riding and fellowship. I feel truly humbled that God has allowed me to be in this place and time, involved in something bigger than myself all the while riding in the midst of His creation and taking in the beauty of it all.

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