The Adventure

By Beth Bachelor

It’s called the Fuller Center Bike Adventure for a reason. Everyday we are on an adventure. However, today was an adventure with a capital A for sure. It started at 1:30am when some large animal, probably a bear, decided to ram into the Bike Adventure trailer, which is where I was sleeping. From there, it led to a 4am wakeup call so Connor and I could bike from Grant Campground in Yellowstone to West Yellowstone.

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A Grand Weekend

A number of riders have faced some personal challenges this week.  One was felled by an intense headache.  Another fainted (not while riding the bike).  And another got word that his 100 year-old mother had passed away.  In each case, this community of bikers mobilized to help.  For most riders, the “non-cycling” aspects of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure are the most impactful, not only for the riders, but also for the support staff.

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