Expect the Unexpected

Written by: Courtney Fields

“Not your typical internship…you won’t be picking up coffee, we promise.”

Lots of college internships like to promise you certain hours, expectations, and privileges- if you look at my generation, that’s easily understandable. We rely heavily on instant gratification. So when people have asked me along the route whether or not my internship with the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure is what I expected, I always respond with a “I had NO clue what I was getting myself into.” And I truly mean that. Nothing could have prepared me for what I am a part of now. The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure is a family, and it provides immense opportunity to serve, grow, and to (get this) change! So here are the top 10 things that I have learned by serving as an intern for this incredible group for those who want to know what to expect/do:Continue reading

Build Day Blessings

Written by: Mark Goodwin

I have started my fourth week of riding and have ridden in seven states. We have worked on four building sites. Tuesday in Springfield, Ohio, we were split into three teams. One team work at the YMCA making improvements to the reception area, and the other two teams painted the inside of houses, getting them ready for families yet to be determined. Even though we did not meet the future families, it feels good to know that the work moved the local Fuller Center closer to completion, thus helping two families attain affordable housing.Continue reading

Goodbye from Geezerman

Written by: Thomas Weber

The geezerman from “geezerville,” Colorado, is retiring! I got the name “geezerman” on my first FCBA ride in 2011 during a church talk, and I have kept it ever since (adding the Colorado location).
After 8 years, 7 cross-country adventures (biking or supporting), sleeping on church floors about 475 times, riding with probably 500 people, and covering almost 30,000 miles, this year will be my last cross-country adventure. Continue reading

The Calm After the Storm

Written by: Karl Trimmer
Last evening as we prepared to settle into a long nights sleep, preparing for the 97 mile ride from Louisville to Erlanger, the weather hit. The dark skies opened up and the rain began to fall sideways.   I believe that the term, “raining buckets” may have been coined from this type of rain.  Thunder and lightning crashing, then next we knew lights out time was preceded by the power outage, our “bedroom” was dark.  All power down for about three hours.  Needless to say, not all got the rest required for the next days ride.

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Meet the Mission Leader (Vlog)

Interviewee: Jim McCracken

Mission Leader Jim McCracken is interviewed by Chore-Team Master Stephany Escalante-Galindo in a short (under 5 min) exposition on his experiences with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

Mind your Mission

Written by: Bruce Peltzer 

This is my second year riding with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, so I’ve had the chance to reconnect with friends from last year and make some new ones. And this  years logistics presented some challenges that are new to me (notably, bike shipping). But the core purpose and organization of the Adventure remain unchanged and still impress me… People from all across the country (and even beyond), of a wide range of ages and backgrounds, working together to address the issue of poverty housing.

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Hospitality in Huntingburg

Written by: Stephany Escalante-Galindo

Today we rode 82 miles from Fairfield, Illinois to Huntingburg, Indiana. That’s right- we are in a new state. When we crossed the Mississippi River leaving St. Louis we expected to see the Illinois state sign, but didn’t see it. When we were getting ready to leave Illinois we looked for the sign and crossed the street to get a quick photo. This day we were joined by 3 cyclist from Evansville, Indiana. One of the cyclist is a RAM contestant and winner for his age group. I was looking forward to riding with him and had the opportunity for about 15 miles.

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Full[er] Hearts

Written by: Jackie Rouse

I hopped on the ride this week joining a crew that has been together for 5 weeks already.  Granted, this is my second ride with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, so I know most of the routines.  I was a “whole-way rider” back in the summer of 2016 and enjoyed it tremendously! When I signed up for it, I knew I would enjoy the cycling but it was so much more than just a bike ride.  The unconditional hospitality I received from other riders, churches, Fuller affiliates, and people we met along the way exceeded my expectations in every way. The build days brought true realization to Fullers’ purpose, and meeting and working along side of the homeowners made the mission meaningful.Continue reading

Halfway Reflections

Written by: Joel Derksen

We’ve hit the halfway point of our incredible journey, and what an adventure it’s been. 5 wonderful
weeks down, and 5 more exciting weeks to come! I’ve had the privilege of leading this ride as we’ve
been making our way across the country, and I can’t say enough what a blessing it’s been to serve the
Bike Adventure in this capacity.Continue reading