Blessed to be a Blessing

Written by: Ami Hough

Highlights for the week are what brings this group together. One of my highlights for this week was gathering around the families that we will be helping through the Greater Blessings program at the Fuller Center for Housing Covenant Partner in Kansas City, Missouri. To see the joy it brought them to know that others across the country were here to help make their home livable brought tears to my eyes. It feels like an accomplishment already, just by seeing their faces. I look forward to seeing more lives changed through the Bike Adventure and the Greater Blessings program.

From Honeymoon to Holiday

Happy Independence Day to all!

Written by: Tom Weber
The honeymoon is over? This admirable team has been together now going into our 5th week; we have 10 whole-way riders and 3 interns. We came together as a family very quickly, but now as the honeymoon comes to an end, we continue to help and support each other in an even more caring and helpful way. We are family, and will continue as family long after this 10 weeks is over.

Over the Hills

Written by: Rick Nowlin

Alamosa to La Veta

Today’s original plans for the route were to go to Walsenburg, CO but we found a host Church in La Veta instead. This church made our trip today a little shorter distance.  We crossed the Continental Divide today, and the landscape is all downhill from here as we ride through Kansas. 

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Memory Lane in the Great Plains

Written by: Mark Goodwin

I rode with FCBA last year on the east coast route. When the announcement of the 2018 routes were made, I knew I had to ride, I just was not sure how many weeks I would make. Ocean to Ocean is the ride I chose, and how far to ride was the next decision. Penny, my wife, and I lived in Kansas for 25 years and moved to Owasso, Oklahoma fifteen years ago. I always wanted to bike-ride across Kansas, and there is a ride called Bike Across Kansas. I am doing a BAK with FCBA.Continue reading

Even through the Flame

Written by: Susan Pratt

What a week so far. .. We cycled into La Veta, a small town community with the same type of commitment the Fuller Center cyclists have for each other. As I walked around town I stopped in the post office, the market, an art studio, and a nail salon (yes, it was time to get a pedicure), I noticed that everyone knew one another.  Then we had an ice cream social with the congregation of the church we were staying in. The entire town’s care for each other was evident.   With a fire spreading nearby, the folks were focused on ways to help their own community. Continue reading

Bonding with Our Church Hosts

Written by: Bill Black

One of the great rewards for riders on the Fuller Center Bike Adventure is the opportunity to meet the people at the churches that support us along the way.  While the level of involvement by the community varies from church to church, we have deep appreciation for everContinue reading

Reflecting on the Good

Written by: Kert Emperado

Gallup, NM – Grants, NM

Today’s ride from Gallup to Grants was spectacular.  We saw rock formations, caves, mountains, and plateaus, as we paralleled Interstate-40.  My riding buddies for most of the day were Dan Sheridan, from Ohio, Stephany Escalante Galindo, from LA, Tom Weber, from Geezerville, CO, and our young trip leader, Joel Derksen from Winnipeg, Ontario.  Each one of them have a unique and interesting life, and all of them are wonderful people. Continue reading

The Land of Enchantment

Written by: Karl Trimmer

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.  It surely has been that for the riders of the Ocean to Ocean cross country tour.  We have been treated to some spectacular sights: with the bluest skies, red rock, and purple mountains, the landscape of New Mexico continues to amaze me.

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Cooks and Comedy in the Courtyard

Written by: Peter Asmuth
Last night was a “stone soup” kind of meal. Because we stayed at the Valley High School, there was no church community to feed us. On such nights, the “dinner team” is responsible for buying the groceries and preparing the meal. Unfortunately, 2 out of the 3 dinner team members had to go 100 miles to a bike store for repairs. Also, the “kitchen” was actually the nurse’s office, which had a mini microwave, a refrigerator and a sink. That’s it.

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Written by: Tom Weber
Following is a list of blessings that a now 76 year old rider has realized since joining the Fuller Center Bike Adventure in 2011, participating in seven cross-country adventures, for a total of sixteen rides:
Riding my bike across this beautiful country
Realizing the blessing was not about riding the bike

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