Downhill to Holbrook!

Written by: Dan Sheridan

On this Monday morning we had our longest ride to date. After enjoying a Sunday of sightseeing in beautiful Flagstaff, we left behind the friendly Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran church and began a 50 mile downhill, dropping 2,000 feet with a brisk tailwind. We had a snack stop at an intriguing roadside rest, with buildings that perfectly suited the ridges and mesas in the area. Huge red boulders were piled in the rest area, but signs warned us to beware of poisonous snakes and insects. This cycling dream was interrupted only by flat tires, as our tires picked up small pieces of wire from shredded steel belt radial tires. We persevered, stopping to do some “Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona”, as the line goes in the song “Take It Easy” (written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey).

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Rain is a Good Thing

Written by: Stephany Escalante Galindo 

Today we rode 78 miles from Grand Canyon, Arizona to Flagstaff, Arizona. Wake up time was at 5 a.m. During the night you could hear the rain drops fall on our tent. As we were having breakfast, those of us who hiked asked each other how their legs were, and some said thighs were hurting, others said calves, and others said the soles of their feet were hurting. After breakfast, the tents were put away. Everyone wore their rain gear because it was forecast.

A Grand Golden Hour

Written by: Alice Little Caldwell

We reached the Grand Canyon on Thursday and got the tents set up before a light rain started . . . and stopped. The weather improved and we watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon- a magnificent sight. Friday arrived, and the Bike Adventure team had a day off. Some chose to rest and recuperate while others set out on a different kind of adventure – to explore the Grand Canyon.

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Climbing to Cooler Weather

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth

Today we rode from Prescott, AZ to Williams, AZ. It was much cooler this morning, which we all
appreciated. I expected the day to be a relatively easier than yesterday. 3,600 feet of climbing
compared to almost 6,000. But, it wasn’t. It was a vivid reminder that most of our challenges
and obstacles are mental, and we can all get through it better with the help of our friends
(thanks, Kert!).

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A Family who Bikes Together…

Written by Johnny Busby:

Today is June 12, 2018, and it is only my third day of riding with the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. Man, has it been an adventure, from road closures and detours to fighting for your space on Arizona highways, to deciding what to cook the community for dinner as part of the dinner team. I draw comfort from knowing that I’m with a community of people who are sacrificing their time and comfort to ensure everyone has affordable housing. I recall my pastor once saying if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not giving, and I tend to believe that true sacrifice should cost me. This year I get to share the adventure with my son by teaching him that it is better to give than to receive.

Written by Jarel Busby:

So, my dad and I started riding with the Fuller Center for Housing this week; this is the first time I have lived within a community of people with various backgrounds, all coming together for the same goal to end poverty housing. As a teenager, it’s inspiring seeing adults sacrifice their time to help others, and what better way to do it than on a bicycle? I love riding my bike, but I have to admit I have not ridden more than 20 miles at any one time. Now I am riding 60, 70, and 80 miles on a given day. The people I have met are awesome, so encouraging, and helpful. One of the riders, Rick, is from Denver, Colorado, too. He is a very cool guy, and a Denver Broncos fan like my dad and I. Hopefully when we are done riding with the Fuller Center we can visit him and go see a game.

Climbing to the Canyon

Written by: Dan Sheridan

Today was a relaxing day of desert cycling. We began our long climb out of the Valley of the Sun by pedaling up a steady 1% grade for about 25 miles. We’re about 1,000 feet above Phoenix, so it’s 2 or 3 degrees cooler here. It was a short day, 46 miles, with a tailwind. We started at about 5:30 am, about 10 minutes after sunrise, and the last riders arrived by about 10:15 am.

Tomorrow the climbing gets more serious. We will ride 68 miles and climb 6,250 feet. We will have some downhill too, but will end up about 3,000 feet above our current elevation. I think many of us are a bit nervous about the climb in the heat, but are excited to climb to cooler temperatures.

It’s amazing the hospitality that our church hosts show us. Peace Lutheran church in Peoria offered great hospitality, and today St. Alban’s Church in Wickenberg welcomed us with cool beverages, fruit, and comfortable places to spread our gear in air conditioned comfort.

We will continue our journey north to the Grand Canyon, where we will arrive on Thursday

Time Flies when You’re Having Fun

Written by: Monica Busby

The sun has risen at 5:30am, and after 2 hours we have all gotten out of bed.  I’m stoked to know this will be our last riding day of week 1!  8 straight riding days for me and still feeling great!  Thinking about what music to play all day…ahhh…Disney music faves?  I think movie themes should pump everyone up!

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Humor in Gila Bend

Written by: Julio Galindo

Day 6 of our cycling adventure. We rode from Dateland, Arizona to Gila Bend, Arizona for a total of 50 miles. One person woke up and had a big wet spot on his sleeping mat. He had to explain how he was startled by his alarm and knocked over his water bottle and reassured us that he did not wet the bed. When he said that, I told him not to worry about it and then I gave him a wink and he winked back; just kidding, I didn’t actually tell him that, I just wanted to add a little flavor to the story.Continue reading

Enjoying the little things

Written by: Judy Nast

Wednesday night at the Baptist church, we had a true potluck dinner furnished by our host church. Humm, hum good.
Today has been a day of adventure, starting with breakfast burritos prepared by our team. When it was time to leave Bingen Baptist Church all  of the drains were backed-up. After diligent work by many the problem was mastered.Continue reading

A Fuller Family

Written by: Susan Pratt

Hello, my name is Susan, aka SueRex.   This is my tenth year of cycling with the Fuller Center.  It has become a part of me.  Each and every year, the routes are different, the hosts are different, and the cyclists, leader, and interns, are different.  What amazes me is the camaraderie that is built among us.  We are strangers at the beginning, but by day 4, we are already one big family. Continue reading