Mending [the] Wall

Written by: David Chris Johnson, CPA, MBA

I made a commitment to support the Fuller Bike Adventure for 5 years and raise $15,000 to fight housing poverty. During any good relation, it’s a case of giving and receiving. My funding commitment is for their benefit, but what do I get out of this relationship? I get to spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 10 weeks with some of the finest people on this earth.Continue reading

Angels in the O-to-O

Written by: Jim McCracken
The start of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure is a flurry of activity as people arrive the first day from all parts of the the USA, and sometimes from other countries. Greeting old friends and meeting new ones, assembling bikes that have been boxed and shipped to the starting point, beginning the process of becoming a tight-knit, efficient team that will ride across the country together building and sharing the mission of the Fuller Center.

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