By Jennifer Wells

Indeed we call blessed those who’ve persevered .You have heard of the perseverance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, because “the Lord is compassionate and merciful”.

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Back Again

By Mike Wieser

This is my 7th ride with the FCBA. Last year was the first time that I was not an all-the-way rider. Since I did not join the group at the start of the ride, I had some reservations about joining a group of riders that had been working together as a team for a month, but whatever apprehensions I had quickly disappeared.

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So much more than a bike ride

Written by: Diane Bies

Fields of yellow, white, lavender, and red flowers. Dogwood and Redbuds in bloom. Sunny skies with puffs of white clouds providing some shade along with the many trees. What a beautiful show of God’s glory!

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The Larger Purpose

Written by: Gary Schroeder

Much of the attention surrounding the Fuller Center Bike Adventure focuses on the good that we do for other people. What I find amazing is that helping others is so good for me as well. Continue reading

Build Day Blessings

Written by: Mark Goodwin

I have started my fourth week of riding and have ridden in seven states. We have worked on four building sites. Tuesday in Springfield, Ohio, we were split into three teams. One team work at the YMCA making improvements to the reception area, and the other two teams painted the inside of houses, getting them ready for families yet to be determined. Even though we did not meet the future families, it feels good to know that the work moved the local Fuller Center closer to completion, thus helping two families attain affordable housing.Continue reading

Mind your Mission

Written by: Bruce Peltzer 

This is my second year riding with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, so I’ve had the chance to reconnect with friends from last year and make some new ones. And this  years logistics presented some challenges that are new to me (notably, bike shipping). But the core purpose and organization of the Adventure remain unchanged and still impress me… People from all across the country (and even beyond), of a wide range of ages and backgrounds, working together to address the issue of poverty housing.

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What should I blog about?

Written by: Dave Maidt


So, here I am, on my knees, in a strange bathroom, sprawled across a toilet bowl, with a crow bar in my hand, prying tackless strip from the back corner of the floor behind the bowl, thinking to myself, ‘darn, I gotta Blog tonight.’ What in the world could I blog about? As the SAG (Support Aid Gear) driver I’ve never blogged on any of my previous 4 FCBA trips before. What could I possibly blog about?Continue reading