Offering a hand up

Fuller Center Bike Adventure isn’t simply a bike trip. Although, from the outside, it might seem to be just that. In actuality, the bike trip has nothing to do with the purpose of what our team is doing.Continue reading

What should I blog about?

Written by: Dave Maidt


So, here I am, on my knees, in a strange bathroom, sprawled across a toilet bowl, with a crow bar in my hand, prying tackless strip from the back corner of the floor behind the bowl, thinking to myself, ‘darn, I gotta Blog tonight.’ What in the world could I blog about? As the SAG (Support Aid Gear) driver I’ve never blogged on any of my previous 4 FCBA trips before. What could I possibly blog about?Continue reading

The FCBA community

Written by: Anne Frey

Originally, I joined the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure last year simply so I could go on a supported ride that included some mountains, some areas I hadn’t ridden yet.

Then I got into the group working/living/traveling groove and it became more than just riding. Don’t get me wrong—I do love to ride. But on the FCBA there is the added interest of meeting enthusiastic people with similar goals and making progress by repairing or building  homes along the way.

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