Full[er] Hearts

Written by: Jackie Rouse

I hopped on the ride this week joining a crew that has been together for 5 weeks already.  Granted, this is my second ride with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, so I know most of the routines.  I was a “whole-way rider” back in the summer of 2016 and enjoyed it tremendously! When I signed up for it, I knew I would enjoy the cycling but it was so much more than just a bike ride.  The unconditional hospitality I received from other riders, churches, Fuller affiliates, and people we met along the way exceeded my expectations in every way. The build days brought true realization to Fullers’ purpose, and meeting and working along side of the homeowners made the mission meaningful.Continue reading

Halfway Reflections

Written by: Joel Derksen

We’ve hit the halfway point of our incredible journey, and what an adventure it’s been. 5 wonderful
weeks down, and 5 more exciting weeks to come! I’ve had the privilege of leading this ride as we’ve
been making our way across the country, and I can’t say enough what a blessing it’s been to serve the
Bike Adventure in this capacity.Continue reading