Journeying with the FCBA

Written by: Mike Wieser

Today we entered Georgia, our twelfth and final state to cycle in this summer. There are just five ride days remaining on our FCBA cross-country journey. If one listens hard enough, I think you can hear the Atlantic Ocean calling out our names.

At the conclusion of this year’s ride, I will have ridden more than 15,000 miles with the FCBA. I love the mission of the Fuller Center, participating in the build days, seeing where the money I raise/donate goes and how it impacts families and communities.

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Pentecost with Lutherans

Written by: Ruth Waite

One of my favorite things on the bike adventure itself is the chance to attend different churches each Sunday for worship services. As a United Methodist pastor, I don’t often get the chance to simply be a part of worship without having to lead it or plan it.

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