A Wonderful Week

By Alice Little Caldwell

Although I have participated in previous Fuller Center Bike Adventures, this is my first week back – for the segment from Bozeman, Montana to Glacier National Park. As I flew into Bozeman, I was awed by the beauty of the mountains.  I have become more acquainted with them from the seat of a bicycle. On Tuesday, we left from Whitehall, Montana, where we stayed in a very hospitable United Methodist Church. The members served us dinner and a hot breakfast the next morning. We had explored the town the day before and found the best ice cream deal – a heaping cup of Montana ice cream for a small town price. 

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The Middle of Nowhere

By Dan Zassick

I love the middle of nowhere.  Theres something sort of satisfying about being there.  Despite how seemingly boring people make the middle of nowhere out too be, it’s pretty unique and interesting at just how much work it takes to actually get there.  If you’re wondering, Wyoming is a pretty good place to track it down. 

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Slow and Steady

By Brandon Gotha

This past week has been a fun and challenging one. We have had a lot of up hill climbing. Earlier in the week I posted to my facebook friends when I realized there were a couple different ways to get up a hill, one being slow and steady, and two being a sprint-and-rest method. However, the hills out here are way too big for that option. The third option that came to mind would be wait at the bottom for a person in a car to pick you up. I came to this theory when we were looking at two straight days of climbing with relatively little down hill. It is called the parks and peaks ride not the parks and peaks down hill tour. The climbing can’t be avoided. I went for the slow and steady option.

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Looking up to the mountains

Written by: Cheryl Shattuck

Psalm 121:1-2 “I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence my help comes.”

The call of the psalmist is to lift my gaze unto the hills—for a purpose. Lifting my gaze shifts my posture, looking up instead of just in front of me changes my posture and my awareness.

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