All Things Are Not What They Seem…especially in Nevada

By Laverne Nakai

Today started out with me thinking, I’ve done century rides before and its “all down hill with a little bump’ here and there, “I can do this!”. The long miles of declines were the best, on the other hand the long inclines felt never ending. From the top of one hill I could see the next hilltop and think, that’s not too bad, until I start my incline from the bottom of the hill, the hilltop starts to move away.

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Oh, the places you will go—in Nevada

Written by: Grace Kyle

I just went on a quiet evening walk through Wells. I did what I do often when I’m in a new place. I imagine my life there. What would be my routine? How would I spend my time? Would I be a teacher at Wells High School? A gold miner in Carlin? Would I walk through the canyons along the Humboldt River regularly? Get my coffee at Cowboy Joe in Elko? Herd cattle near Fernley? Or be a blackjack dealer in Reno?

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