It’s an Adventure. Just keep Pedaling. You’re a Rockstar.

Written by: Meredith Fitzpatrick 

My legs feel like lead, my chamois is irritating me like crazy, it’s too hot, I’m hungry, I need my own space, I’m tired, did I mention my legs hurt… but I just keep pedaling.

It’s truly incredible how far we’ve pushed ourselves at this point. We’re now well over the halfway point on this incredible cross-country bike adventure and currently making a lot of progress into the South with only three weeks left of the journey. To get here we’ve ascended and descended several mountain passes, went through the desert and salt flats, have endured rain, wind, snow, crazy heat and now my favorite—humidity! We’ve also gotten up to beat said heat at 4:30 in the morning several times and at this point it all feels really normal. We’re in a rhythm and somehow it works. We’re a funny little family of people that would have never come together under any other circumstances and I’m having the best time with all of them.

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