Slow and Steady

By Brandon Gotha

This past week has been a fun and challenging one. We have had a lot of up hill climbing. Earlier in the week I posted to my facebook friends when I realized there were a couple different ways to get up a hill, one being slow and steady, and two being a sprint-and-rest method. However, the hills out here are way too big for that option. The third option that came to mind would be wait at the bottom for a person in a car to pick you up. I came to this theory when we were looking at two straight days of climbing with relatively little down hill. It is called the parks and peaks ride not the parks and peaks down hill tour. The climbing can’t be avoided. I went for the slow and steady option.

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The adventure is a challenge

Written by: Meredith Fitzpatrick

Its been exactly a week since I arrived in San Francisco and met all of the incredible people I’m living alongside. The group is made up of individuals that range in age from 14 to 76 years old, from every corner of the country and from so many different backgrounds. Our one common denominator is that we love riding our bikes and we’ve all come together to take on this huge challenge together.

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