A Great, New Adventure

By Ana Pridgen

I’ve always been a huge fan of photography. Every since I played with my mom’s ginormous 90’s camera as a child, to the time I decided to change my major completely to photojournalism, photography has always led me to new things. I never knew what amazing things, though.

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Hello, California!

By Courtney Fields

Hello, sunny California! Boy, was it a journey to reach you. When Ryan gave me a quick and easy route from Atlanta to Crescent City, CA, there was no way I couldn’t make it more complicated. Instead of booking the last flight, I asked dear FCBA veterans Stephany and Julio if they would like to drive me the last portion of my trip. Little did we know that this drive would be a whopping 12 hours!

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Climbing Up Out of the Clouds

By Connor Ciment

Riding out of Crescent City, we had only a few miles of warm up before we came to a big climb into Del Norte Coasts Redwoods State Park. It was a cool and cloudy morning as we began to climb, one pedal stroke after another, and we began to warm up. Some folks stopped to take off layers and have a photo op at the Redwoods National and State Parks signs. I stopped to take a break, and ended up in a selfie of Dan’s at the sign. 

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Unexpected relationships

Written by: Bob Wenger

Earlier this week during morning devotions my fellow cyclist spoke about mundane moments in our lives that very well could be an open door to recognize a situation of a person that is seeking help. As I was riding the first Monday morning of our bike trip, I came upon the two youngest cyclists, Erin and Zach, looking at a flat tire. Little did I know that from this moment on these two were going to change the plans I had and God’s plan for me to have a relationship with these two young cyclists that I never saw coming.Continue reading