Top Fundraisers

Updated June 21st, 2018

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Lifetime Fundraising Clubs

Every rider makes a difference; a few truly stand out. To recognize and celebrate their dedication and achievements, we have created Honor Clubs based on funds raised.

They are open to all, yet exclusive. Get fundraising to join the club!

$20k Club

20k Club

Chris Cosby
Ryan Iafigliola
Connor Ciment
Susan Pratt
Ann Coleman
Ginny Hughes
Allen Slabaugh 
Karen Warkentien
Tom Weber
Mike Wieser
Bill Turner
Jennifer Wells







$10k Club

Peter Asmuth
Diane Bies
Diane Buckley-Maidt
Jack Cutler
Everett Collier
Lisa Corsi
Henry Downes
Kert Emperado
Lou Cooper
Macy Holsinger
Mike Haiderer
Steve Hale
Ruth Ann Hamilton
John Hamilton 
Graham Houston
Bri Kelly
Sarah Illsey
Lauryn Kostopoulos
Lindsey Olsen
Mark Murphy
Mark Major
Gerry McCusker
Melissa Merrill
Peter Perkowski
Fred Smoak
Tom Tebbe
Bill Turner
Peter Asmuth
Judy Nast
Phil Gash