Transportation To and From the Ride

Each rider is responsible for getting themselves to the point where they start the ride and home from their ride’s end. We do our best to help! But we also have some limitations in place to protect our support crew and to make for smooth transitions.

When to Arrive and Depart

You should arrive on the first date listed for the trip or segment for which you are joining and depart on its last day, which are usually off days for the ride. Segments usually begin and end on Sundays.

Those joining at the start of the event will be given specific arrival instructions; segment riders must typically arrive by 4:00pm or earlier on the arrival day. Your trip leader will begin sharing specifics about two months prior to your ride. 

Those who arrive or depart at inconvenient hours such as very early mornings or on one of our ride days may be required to utilize other options for local pick-up or drop-off such as Uber. Those with very late night departure times may be dropped off earlier and need to wait at the airport/station. 

Local Pick-up and Drop-off

Within the acceptable time range as described above, the trip support vehicle can be used to get riders to/from local nearby transportation centers (bus, train, plane, rental car location, etc.). If you’re unsure if the arrival time or location is acceptable, please contact us prior to buying a ticket.

Communicating Your Transportation

It is very important that all riders, even those driving themselves to the starting church, communicate their arrival and departure information in advance. Once your travel plans are determined, please submit your Transportation Form.

Transportation Options
  • Drive/Carpool: Some of our shorter events allow you to leave your car at the start, or else you can always have someone drop you off. Also, check out the Meet the Riders page for your ride to see where your fellow adventurers are traveling from to see if you can share transportation. This is also a great thing to discuss in our Facebook discussion group.
  • Rent a car: Often overlooked, this option can be an affordable way to bring you and your bicycle one-way. We will pick you up from the local rental car location.
  • Ride in the Fuller Center Van:  Check in with us about where the Fuller Center van and trailer will be going on its way out to the ride or back after the end. We usually allow riders or support to jump in with us, and there is no cost except your own meals and potentially lodging.
  • Plane/Train/Bus: Please be sure to arrive to a location that has been approved by us for pick-up or drop-off.


For advice on how to bring or ship your bike, check out our shipping page.