2014 History

SPRING 20142014 jersey

Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 400 miles
Spring riders: 36
Homes worked on: 11
Funds raised since 2008: $861,000

We enjoyed our third annual ride on the beautiful Natchez Trace. The weather was very cold, but it brought us together!  It was also the first ride sponsored by Cafe Campesino.

Meet the 2014 Spring riders
Photos from the 2014 Spring Ride 

SUMMER 20142014 map

Atlantic City to Astoria: 3,600 miles
Whole way riders: 18
Segment riders:39
Homes worked on: 25
Funds raised since 2008: $1,064,000

In 2014 the Bike Adventure traveled all the way across the Northern United States for the first time ever.  Along the way the riders stopped and helped the most Covenant partners of any route yet and they celebrated when the Bike Adventure met their one million dollar fundraising goal.

Meet the 2014 riders
Photos from the 2014 adventure

FALL 2014Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 36
Funds raised since 2008: $1,069,000

The first annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event that felt like a family reunion with so many returning riders. We camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL. The first year was a great success and a great way for some new riders to get to know the FCBA experience.

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