2015 History


Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 400 miles
Spring riders: 35
Homes worked on: 4
Funds raised since 2008: $1,112,000

We enjoyed our fourth annual ride on the beautiful Natchez Trace. Holding it in April for the first time, the weather was beautiful and the fields were literally full of flowers — blues, yellows, whites, and reds. We love visiting many of the same churches year after year.

Meet the 2015 Spring riders
Photos from the 2015 Spring Ride 


Oceanside, CA to Portland, ME: 4,000 milesMap Summer with words 2015 - resized 2 copy
Whole way riders: 23
Segment riders: 50
Homes worked on: 25
Funds raised since 2008: $1,308,000

In 2015 the Bike Adventure traveled the furthest it has ever been, 4,000 miles over 10 weeks.  Along the way the riders stopped and helped on six planned builds, and a few more impromptu ones as well. The riders raised about $220,000 pushing the total to-date to over $1.3 million.

Meet the 2015 riders
Photos from the 2015 adventure

FALL 2015Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 23
Funds raised since 2008: $1,315,000

The second annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event that felt like a family reunion with so many returning riders. We camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL. A quite brisk morning in the second week of October encouraged us to have the ride in September in future years.

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