2018 History


Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 450 miles

Spring riders: 36
Homes worked on: 6
Funds raised since 2008: $2,058,000

Our seventh annual ride on the Natchez Trace had a new look and feel to it, as we tweaked the schedule to allow us to ride all the way to Natchez. In doing so, our Nashville build day was moved to Friday, and made a full day instead of a half, and we departed Nashville a day earlier. We saw snow flakes on our first ride, and had to cancel the last day into Natchez due to tornado warnings. The schedule worked great though, and we decided to give it another shot in 2019!


Ocean Beach, CA to Ocean City, NJ (Ocean to Ocean): 3,400 miles

Astoria, OR to Portland, ME (Port to Port): 3,600 miles

Whole Way Riders: 30
Segment Riders: 55
Homes Worked On: 29
Funds raised since 2008: $2,357,000

In 2018 the Bike Adventure ran simultaneous cross-country rides on separate routes for the first time.  Along the way, the riders stopped and helped on eight builds in eleven cities in the US! The riders raised over $370,000, and cycled the 1,000,000th mile in orange since our founding. We are now on our 47th lap around the world!

FALL 2018Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 23
Funds raised since 2008: $2,362,000

The fifth annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event that felt like a family reunion with so many returning riders. We camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL. It was another great year, but the Silver Comet ride did not experience the growth that we hoped. This ride has been taken off our annual calendar to allow ride organizers to focus on new events.

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