Fuller Orange Tide Rolls

By Ky Griffin

After two days of rest in Lake Tahoe, we rode out to Bridgeport, CA in the warm morning sun.

I felt a great sense of pride and comradery rieing in a pace line through Lake Tahoe wearing our Fuller Center Bike Adventure orange jerseys.

We quickly got down to the business of riding when we climbed over 1500 feet leaving Lake Tahoe. That set the tone for the day as we climbed and climbed and climbed, ending up with over 5500 feet for the day. Ain the heat of the day and about half way through Today’s ride, Scott Baker, Mar Murphy, and myself came upon an oasis: Walker County Burgers, with unique venues scattered under the shade trees. We refreshed ourselves with root beer floats receiving a 5 star rating.

We also had the appointment to answer questions about our ride, thanks to those orange Fuller jerseys.

Shortly after, we experienced the unusual sensation of thinking we were going downhill all while struggling to continue climbing. 

As we headed through Devil’s Lake Pass, we made a welcome decent into The Infant of Prayer Catholic Church in Bridgeport, CA. 


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