Grand Canyon and Beyond

By Hoyt Robey
I have to share one experience from the previous day: A couple stopped us at the gift shop outside of the Grand Canyon Park and asked about our ride and its purpose. After our description, the father asked if his family, a wife and two daughters, could pray for us. We said sure. He then bowed his head, joined arms with his family and two Fuller riders, and prayed for our safety there on the sidewalk publicly. So glad for kind people that are not afraid to be Christian!

When I tried to lead the devotional singing ‘I am a Child of God’ this morning, we were a bit weak, but this was our first time singing this hymn. I shared a comment that a religious leader asked the author to the words from: ‘teach me all that I must know’ to ‘teach me all that I must DO’. 
 It caused me to reflect how great this Fuller Housing group is as they go and DO!
After a good nights rest we started out on the longest mileage day of this segment. Yesterday was tough for me, especially at the end as I felt overheated. 
This ride went much better even with the extra mileage. I liked the second half as we had a tail wind some downhill, especially after climbing most of the morning. 
I rode my own pace, instead of chasing others which worked out well. The McDonalds stop proved a game changer! My Happy Meal kept my body happy!
It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we stop to rest occasionally. Probably a good  life lesson in there. 
The Navajo Taco dinner was amazing, prepared by family members of one of our riders. They deep fried the bread on the spot! Never had a better Navajo taco in my life!
I was tired after dinner but Ky reminded me we were on clean up duty.  I have learned in my life that doing the day to day labor makes big accomplishment possible. 
The work was long but actually enjoyable as I got to know Ky & his story. Married 41 years, his faith & life story built my testimony. 
Truly when people come together as a ‘Zion People’-of one heart & one mind, great things can happen!

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