Mike Schuck: Wyoming blessings
July 20, 2021

By Mike Schuck

We entered Wyoming yesterday and spent the night at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in the little town of Newcastle. We were expecting a fairly difficult day of riding since the weather forecast called for temperatures in the 90s and headwinds. In reality the temperatures only reached the low 80s and we had a crosswind or tailwind for most of our 72-mile ride which was a blessing. However, greater blessings were to come.

After arrival at the church, Wright Baptist Church, we went to the Wright Recreation Center to shower. Rather than just being allowed to shower as we expected we were told we were welcome to use the entire facility including the pool and hot tub. After a long day of riding most of us decided to relax in the pool and hot tub.

In addition to hosting us Wright Baptist Church was running Vacation Bible School (VBS) while we were there. In the afternoon are returning from the recreation center we were treated to Pastor Shane and the VBS volunteers leading 80 children in crafts, games and song. Pastor Shane led each group of children in song and it was impossible to tell who expended more energy Pastor Shane or the children. At the end of VBS Jim Kruse was given the opportunity to share about our bike adventure and our build days.

The church also treated us to a wonderful dinner which included ice cream. It had been a while since we had ice cream so we indulged by having seconds and even thirds. The churches hospitality continued the next morning when Rick and Connie prepared a hot breakfast of sausage and eggs for us. Our breakfast this day started at 5:30 a.m. About 4:00 a.m. Jim and Susan Kruse were woken up to the sounds of Rick “breaking into” the church through a window because he had forgotten the key. They opened the door and let him begin preparing breakfast. We have been truly blessed by our time in Wyoming and Wright Baptist Church.

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