Moab Was a Blast

By Brandon Gotha

We ended up in Moab for the 4th. Sam and I both knew this place is one of the most fun off-road parks in the  USA. We decided it was a great idea to rent a RZR and go explore what the park had to offer. We found ourselves defying gravity driving up essentially walls and attempting to crawl some fairly technical trails. Being from the Midwest Sam and I were use to playing in the mud and sand not this. It was an amazing opportunity.

Before we left the rental place the guy said get it as dirty as you want to and run it out of gas. We took that as a challenge. We found the only mud in Moab and went back to our Midwest roots and had a blast. The rental guy shocked we found mud around there and took proceed to laugh and take pictures of us to post I the shop. This was the result of our day.

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