Offering a hand up

Fuller Center Bike Adventure isn’t simply a bike trip. Although, from the outside, it might seem to be just that. In actuality, the bike trip has nothing to do with the purpose of what our team is doing.


We spent our Saturday in Kellogg, Idaho, working on six different houses. Houses of people who had been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, of a woman in a wheelchair, of people who simply needed assistance fixing something they couldn’t mend with only their two hands.

We brought ladders, drills and all of the supplies it would take to help each homeowner repair parts of their homes. 

Every day we spend offering a hand up, we’re reminded of why we’re riding across the country. It’s for the people we help along the way. We ride to raise money, to build and to raise awareness as we meet many new faces along the way.

97% of the money we raise while riding across the country goes to making improvements on homes people are living in. Some of them are big: installing toilets, roofing, new porches. Others are small. Each one impacts the residents of the home in a huge way. 

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