Reliving the Renovations

Written by: Rick Nowlin

Kansas City, MO to Warrensburg:

On the trip while in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, I don’t remember sweating.  Today’s ride had me sweating, and my body was drenched unlike the desert where I stayed dry. We are hosted by the First Christian Church, and Celebrate Recovery gave us dinner tonight because one of their members was chosen to receive the first house through the Fuller Center covenant partner.  I was asked to look at the house with the Local Partner, Ruth, to give my opinion of what to do. Are plan was to pull up carpet and linoleum, paint with Kilz Stain blocker, power-wash the outside of house, and replace 5 doors.  We finished at about 4:00 P.M, but we did not replace 5 doors- we painted all 16 doors, got all carpet and linoleum up, painted the ceilings and the walls throughout, and power-washed the outside. We had 20 people working on this. At home I have 1 to 3 people at any given time working on similar projects, and we would have taken one to three month to do what we did today!

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