Slightly Less Than Just Peachy – Fcba.pnpdate.2019.187.33.47

By Ed Vander Pol

Today and the best of roads and the worst of roads. But that depends on a particular cyclist’s opinion. We started the day In Moab AZ and ended in Fruits CO; a ride of slightly less than two times forty-seven miles and not a nanometer more! The ride was nearly symmetrical with the ups & downs (ascent & descent) approximately equal to less than one hundred times forty-seven feet elevation change.

Leaving Moab, a little less than forty-seven miles, was on a combination of a bike path and a “quiet” road which was very scenic thru a canyon along the Colorado River – the best of roads. Then there was the last miles in Arizona which, for me, was the worst of roads. But we made it to Fruita, CO!

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