The Route to Reflection

By: Debi Swinford
As I started the ride today and anticipated 60.6 miles, I also anticipated what to put in this blog.  The actual ride, what we saw, weather, crazy drivers, emotions that arose, our thoughts or how this is a spiritual journey.  How about a bit of each?
Day 5 was gorgeous in all regards.  The sun was shining, temps were warm, 80 ish, and the views of these sparkling, glittery cities provided lots of wow power.  The overpasses we traveled offered water views and boats that I have only seen on Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous.  This ride was a good test of cardiovascular health, not because it was strenuous, but lots of traffic, narrow lanes, and riders had to pay attention to driver/pedestrian intentions.  Focus was required.  My fellow riders are inspiring in so many ways.  Spiritual, kind, patient, selfless, and compassionate.  Jesus would be proud as these folks see the world through his eyes.  That’s the mission, bring to all what Jesus would, homes, comfort and simply Love.  
Riding so many hours a day allows our minds to think of those we love the most, those we miss, memories, others we have met riding, those we serve.  It also gives us time to reflect on our own spiritual path and explore ways to widen our path.  
Landing in Homestead for the night, we are grateful for the United Methodist Church as our host, onsite showers, and icecream right across the street.  
On to Marathon tomorrow.  God bless.  

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