5 Spiritual Lessons to Learn from Bike Riding
Saturday, July 24, 2021

By Rob Erskine

The following is a story by Mimi Patrick that I want to share: 

The younger me adored bike riding. It’s an activity that I’ve gotten away from as I got older but some of my happiest childhood memories feature me on a bike. You remember the kid with the limp ponytail that cruised around on a pink bike with tattered plastic pom-pom handles? That was me! It wasn’t a good day unless I had swallowed at least one bug and skinned a knee or elbow. I’m sure I came home crying a few times but you know, I barely remember those accidents. I do remember the good times. Believe it or not, bike riding brought some spiritual lessons too. Just think, all that time God was teaching me these five important spiritual lessons.

  1. Balance is everything. Isn’t that the truth? You can’t ride a bike more than a few inches without mastering balance. Without balance you fall–that hurts. How does that equate into a spiritual lesson? We need spiritual balance in our lives. We must make time to do all the things that are necessary for good soul maintenance. It’s good that you read the bible but you also need to pray and worship.
  2. There will be hills–build those muscles. Obstacles are scattered throughout your life. You can’t avoid them. Obstacles are like those hills we all struggled to master, sometimes you have to get off the bike and push, other times just applying a little more effort brings relief. Conquering a few obstacles builds your spiritual muscles! Go for it! You can do it!
  3. Bring some Band-Aids. Accidents are going to happen. Don’t dread or fear them. Prepare for them! Bring some spiritual Band-Aids! Pray over your life and ask God to direct your paths. Surround yourself with supportive people of faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to heal you of any wounds you get along the way.
  4. Helmets are dorky but they can save your life. To be honest, my biking experience was long before helmets were mandatory but I can see the need for them. They may look dorky, but they can indeed save your life. Put on that helmet of salvation and protect your mind. Renew your mind with God’s word daily!
  5. Saying, “Whee!” as you sail down a hill makes the heart joyful. James 4:14 says “Why you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Relish the happy moments. Take time to appreciate the blessings. Go ahead. Say, “Whee!”

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