Wild West

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Wild West
May 31 - June 30, 2024

Amazing! Participants in this event will experience so much as we traverse through some of the West’s greatest sites.  Allow yourself to combine the thrill of cycling with working on homes and exploring some of our nation’s most popular National Parks while averaging about 62 miles per day.

We’ll be traveling from Moab, UT in the south to Glacier National Park in the north. Choose either a segment or join us for a journey to remember forever across four states.  

Enjoy the vast colors and rock formations of Arches and Canyonlands near our start in Moab. Then soak in the majesty of Grand Tetons and the natural attractions of Yellowstone in segments two and three. Finally, end with the the snow capped mountains and crystal clear waters of Glacier National Park. 

Each segment has at least one National Park with its own unique beauty. These remote areas will necessitate tent camping days near National Parks in addition to the usual indoor church camping that our rides usually utilize.

This would not be a Fuller Center Bicycle event without serving communities along the way, too.  You have the opportunity to work beside families you helped fundraise for in Price, Salt Lake City, and Logan, UT.  

There is so much to experience, sign up before it fills up!

(Week 1 is currently full except to whole way riders.)

4 Weeks to Choose From!

Can’t join us for the full 4 week cross-country? Pick your favorite segments and join us for as long as you can! 

Click the segment headings below to view details and day-by-day schedules.

Moab UT is a dream destination for many cyclists.  Here is where our journey begins.        

Arriving early will give riders an opportunity to take time to visit Canyonlands National Park. Day 1 will begin with a short ride to Arches National Park as part of our team orientation, followed by a day of orientation that will also allow time to see all this area has to offer.  Having established our team culture, group expectations, and how to help keep each other safe, we’ll head out on our 1300 mile journey.    

The ride will continue through scenic Utah towards Salt Lake City while serving in 2 communities, working with families.

Arrival Airport- (CNY) Canyonlands Airport.

Departure Airport- (SLC) Salt Lake City International Airport.

Welcome, Segment 2! 

Once segment riders arrive, we’ll host our regular Sunday night team meeting — with opportunities to recap Segment 1 and plan for the journey ahead.  

Segment 2 transitions from colorful rock landscapes to the jagged peaks of the Grand Tetons. This portion of the journey also includes a build in Logan, UT.

We’ll have the chance to see amazing wildlife on the ride.  What will you see on your adventure with us? 

Arrival- (SLC) Salt Lake City International Airport

Departure- (JAC) Jackson Hole Airport

Hello, Segment 3!

Once segment riders arrive, we’ll host our weekly team meeting Sunday night.  Riders will typically begin to notice changes in the weather, where temperatures begin to cool in the summer.

From Jackson, WY we’ll head north to Colter Bay Village and Yellowstone National Park, where we’ll have the opportunity to see geysers, colorful water pools, and bubbling mud pits. 

We’ll finish out the week landing in Three Forks, Montana for a Sunday to reflect.  This is considered to be the starting point of the Missouri River. 

Arrival- (JAC) Jackson Hole Airport

Departure- (BZN)- Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

Greetings, Segment 4!

This last segment of the journey will take us from Three Forks, MT to Columbia Falls, MT. 

In addition to riding through Montana — Big Sky Country — we will ride through stunning Glacier National Park. Weather-permitting, if the road is open, riders may have the opportunity to ride the famous Road to the Sun. Whichever route, riders will have opportunity for spectacular views.  Celebrate the completion of this 1300 mile journey with an off day relaxing in this truly awe-inspiring location!  

After a day taking in the views at Glacier National Park, our final ride day will be a short ride to Columbia Falls, MT.  There, riders will depart, but the memories of this adventure will be remembered for many years to come.

Arrivals- (BZN)- Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

Departures-(FCA) Glacier National Park International Airport/Amtrak in Whitefish

What's Included

Our amazing hosts, volunteers and riders often go far above and beyond this list. We invite you to come ready to be amazed by the generosity of others — and open to the nudges of the Spirit on how you, too, can be a blessing. 

“This sounds great, can we talk before I join?”

“Tell me more about what to expect on this adventure” 

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we love Our sponsors!