The motivation to continue

Written by: John Busby

OK guys, day 4 is in the records books on this Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, and boy was it challenging. A 72 mile ride with four thousand feet of elevation tested my strength and determination. As I reflect back on the day, I recall the times on the ride when my spirit was low as my legs ached. I guess there comes a moment when we all question why we choose to do something so physically and mentally demanding.

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Pentecost with Lutherans

Written by: Ruth Waite

One of my favorite things on the bike adventure itself is the chance to attend different churches each Sunday for worship services. As a United Methodist pastor, I don’t often get the chance to simply be a part of worship without having to lead it or plan it.

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Why I am riding for the third year

Written by: David Johnson

Like most I found out about the Fuller Center Bike Ride through the internet. I looked at the costs and the mission statement and thought it would be a good way to attempt to ride my bike across the country. I found out that through my previous employer I already had a strong relationship with their sister non-profit. Based on that fact, two years ago I decided to try the ride for two weeks — just to see what the ride and the mission was like. After two weeks of riding, I was amazed with the spiritual nature of the group. This was a group that put “substance over words” to real use. We all would like to do good and make a difference, but sometimes you have to find the right vehicle.

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The lifting of the fog

Written by: Macy Holsinger

The swirl of activity and apprehension matched the morning fog in San Francisco. The night before 24 people, most strangers, were given a brief tutorial of the logistics for the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

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