Appreciating the sights

Appreciating the sights
May 23, 2022

By Dave Skinner

Today’s 78 mile ride started as a ride through the countryside of Washington. Being from the less-tree state of Nebraska, I appreciated the sight and smell of the trees around us.

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Riding hard through to the build days

Riding hard through to the build days
May 25, 2022

By Nanci Ubben

Day 5 done. Way less hilly but soooo long and a lot warmer. 87 miles today. We have reached Othello, Washington.

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An awe-inspiring climb in Washington

An awe-inspiring climb in Washington
May 24, 2022

By Mike Scotty

Today was our biggest climb yet – 4,400 feet up over 35 miles, with over 3,500 of those feet within 15 miles. A feat that demands slow and steady progress to complete the task. The upside was that the remaining 50 miles of our 88-mile trek was almost completely downhill.

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Seeing God’s blessings

Seeing God's blessings
May 22, 2022

By Nick Mota

WOW, where do I start, day 3 and already have made 14 new friends. I already knew 4 of the riders and support members of the 19 total including myself.

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Riding our square wheeled bicycles​

Riding our square wheeled bicycles
May 21, 2022

By Ed Vander Pol

We begin our 2022 Fuller Center Bike Adventure in Seaside, Oregon and end 10 weeks later in Portland, Maine covering approximately 3,800 miles.

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100,000 miles

Today was not so much about an 85 mile ride from Ottumwa to Burlington in Iowa, but more about a single rider from amongst the bike adventure team who achieved a lifelong ambition.Continue reading

Becoming a family

Written by: Larry Cooper

It’s been a week since we met in Seattle to commence our FCBA Seattle to Washington D.C. cross-country bike ride. Most of the 35 support staff and riders had never before met, and for many, this was their first FCBA Ride. Continue reading

One of the originals

Written by: Tony Campbell


Two things. First, I have ridden some part of FCBA every year except 2013 since being one of the original 8 from San Diego to Savannah in 2008. Second, I’ve ridden 2 days now with 20 people who have a 7-week head start on me. Okay, three things: I’m 10 years older than in 2008.Continue reading


Written by: Beth Batchelor 


People from home sometimes think I’m insane when I tell them what I’m doing. People think 75 miles a day for six days in a row is impossible. However, I’m constantly amazed by how even the hardest of days don’t seem quite that hard.Continue reading

The Secret to Sweeping

Written by: Jack Cutler


Today I rode the entire way with my new friend JW on a century (100 miles) journey from Beach ND to Hebron ND. Normally on a Fuller ride, we all ride at our own pace, and although we will often ride with fellow Fuller riders who travel at the same pace, we may not ride the entire day with the same people. In fact, sometimes we ride alone for some or all of the ride. So what was so special about the way I rode during today’s ride? Today JW and I rode together the entire way because we were the “sweeps” for the day.Continue reading