Over the Hills

Written by: Rick Nowlin

Alamosa to La Veta

Today’s original plans for the route were to go to Walsenburg, CO but we found a host Church in La Veta instead. This church made our trip today a little shorter distance.  We crossed the Continental Divide today, and the landscape is all downhill from here as we ride through Kansas. 

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Back with the Family

Written by: Michael Wieser

The last four years I have been an all-the-way rider and the bike mechanic on the FCBA. So, this year, being a segment rider is a bit different for me. I didn’t start out with
this group in Astoria because I was on a different bike adventure when this ride started and besides I’ve ridden the sections from Billings, Montana to Astoria, Oregon and from
Waukegan, Illinois to Portland, Maine in previous years; so this year I simply decided to ride those portions that would be new to me and free up the remainder of the summer for other
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Written by: Tom Weber
Following is a list of blessings that a now 76 year old rider has realized since joining the Fuller Center Bike Adventure in 2011, participating in seven cross-country adventures, for a total of sixteen rides:
Riding my bike across this beautiful country
Realizing the blessing was not about riding the bike

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Journey to the Future and the Past

Written by: Monica Busby

69.5 mile ride to Newark, DE from South Hampton, NJ.  Fresh legs from a weekend off the bike.  Alexa warned me of thunderstorms by the afternoon.  “Oh boy, we are up for an adventure today,” I murmured as I pumped my tires one minute before Circle Up.  And we are off!  Our metal steed and all!

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We are family

Written by: Mark Murphy

One of the most interesting and peculiar components of the FCBA experience is related to the human interaction and connectivity. I’m the kind of guy that is initially quite shy—I’m sure this will shock my fellow riders—and takes some time to warm up to be the full, loud-mouthed idiot that I am. This shyness had me pretty apprehensive about the trip, meeting 25 strangers and being stuck with them for nine and a half weeks.

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Written by: Ann Coleman
I look at life as a series of stories that we create and experience.  You might think that biking from Seattle to San Diego is a long period of time and a big commitment, but in reality it will become a short chapter in our book of life.  And what a blessing it is!

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