Community and Family

By Sam Vandenheede

Today was another incredible day on the bike adventure. We rode a fast-paced, mostly downhill 90.4 miles through a gorgeous valley along the Gallatin River. Mountains overlooked the road the whole way, we saw many deer, Fred claims to have seen a bear. The ride took us from West Yellowstone to Bozeman.

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The Adventure

By Beth Bachelor

It’s called the Fuller Center Bike Adventure for a reason. Everyday we are on an adventure. However, today was an adventure with a capital A for sure. It started at 1:30am when some large animal, probably a bear, decided to ram into the Bike Adventure trailer, which is where I was sleeping. From there, it led to a 4am wakeup call so Connor and I could bike from Grant Campground in Yellowstone to West Yellowstone.

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By Mike Scotty

The Fuller Center for Housing’s mission is giving people and families the impetus to strengthen their financial foundations and giving them the resources to sustain that strength through a livable home – a place to put down roots. A home gives all beings a sense of security that allows them to successfully manage the other endeavors that bring success and satisfaction to their lives.

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Truly an Adventure

By Amy Richburg

Cell phone alarms get the morning started at 5:30am.  What if we all thought someone else would set the alarm and no one did!  I think this group is so conditioned to waking up that they would naturally awaken by 5:30a. There is definitely a camaraderie among the group the comes from spending days and weeks together persevering for people we will never meet.  God doesn’t tell us we have to know the poor in order to help them, we just need to do it.   Matt. 11:5
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This Isn’t My First Rodeo, or Is It?

By Kert Emperado

I rejoined the bike adventure this weekend in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where I attended my first live rodeo. It was the National High School Finals Rodeo which had participants from USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia and we were fortunate to be in town at this time. The majority of the audience were themselves also cowboys and cowgirls, sporting big metal belts, jeans, long-sleeve button-down shirts, boots, and of course cowboy hats. It was a totally new experience for me. I was amazed at the skill and
courage of these young students.

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By Ky Griffin

Today is Dan Zassick’s birthday. We are privileged to be hosted in The First Congregational Church of Christ in Rock Springs, WY. 

Yesterday, we road 77 miles from Wamsutter, WY to Rock Springs with a strong head wind greeting us for the last 12 miles of the trip. We were able to shower in the nice facilities provided by the Rock Springs City Civic Center. 

I took a minor fall on my bike yesterday, resulting in a play out of my right index finger. The local Bike and Trike shop owned and operated by Jason Medler repaired my bike at no charge. 

The church provided supper and cinnamon rolls for today’s breakfast. We will be attending this mornings 10:30 service which I’m told is the local Wyoming LGBT+ Pride service. The theme of today’s service is “Love Wins.” indeed love does win. The Bible tells us so. There is nothing greater than love.

The service today preached that yes we should love all people but behaviors “sin” should be rebuked. LGBTQ’s agenda was not far in my mind. Sadly, I sat and listened to a twisting of God’s word. I am thankful for the hospitality I have experienced by this church. I pray that they will see the error of their outreach and take an approach that loves the sinner but hates the sin. 

I spent the afternoon riding my bike around Rock Springs. I enjoyed a beer and salad at Wendy’s and a taco salad provided by the church. I love this ride. 

The Middle of Nowhere

By Dan Zassick

I love the middle of nowhere.  Theres something sort of satisfying about being there.  Despite how seemingly boring people make the middle of nowhere out too be, it’s pretty unique and interesting at just how much work it takes to actually get there.  If you’re wondering, Wyoming is a pretty good place to track it down. 

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Whoa, We’re Halfway There

By Ana Pridgen

It’s so hard to believe that we are already past the halfway mark. Thinking back onto week 1, it seems like it was just yesterday. However, thinking to week 5 is a struggle for me. Amazing how time works like that. 

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The Rustle

By Fred Smoak

Sometimes seemingly insignificant things can define a place or time. On these rides, every day begins with a sound I have named The Rustle. 

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By Ky Griffin

Time passes so rapidly. When I was growing, summers used to last forever. Now as I’ve passed 65 years, it is gone in a blink. Because time passes so rapidly, I am writing this blog several days late. 

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